Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Can Bring Us Together? Aliens!

Oh man, you're probably reading this and thinking "Wow, Adam, you've got a lot of nerve showing up at your own blog 2.5 months after going silent." Yeah, we've been down this road before. With a complete lack of "24" action taking place, and a worldwide financial crisis breaking loose, let's just say if you were aching for "24" humor, I'm sorry to have let you down. Maybe a "Bauer Calls his Lehman Broker" article would have been funny?

Well, to be honest, I've been feeling less frisky lately. There's oh so much about which to crack-wise, given a presidential election featuring two compellingly terrible candidates. But America has lost its "Devil May Care" attitude. I've seen it personally, speaking with people about their concerns. Gone are the days of "taking it on the chin." Now, at the first sign of a crisis, it's talk of a "Great Depression" and the "end of capitalism." And this malaise has become a fetishistic hobby for too many people. The irrationality breaking loose is reminiscent of an angry mob scene from "The Simpsons." Which one of you malcontents is Dr. Nick?

So, in an effort to ignore the hysteria, I've decided to start talking again about things less pre-packaged. And through my web meanderings, looking for something wholesome and insane, I found the perfect artifact: President Ronald Reagan getting misty-eyed about world peace. The Gipper isn't talking about a conventional global unity- no, that would be too balanced and sane. Reagan was thinking of how we'll join hands when the aliens come knocking:

Yes, Reagan was crazy. But aside from aliens invading Earth, are we ever getting our act together? Yeah, exactly.


Rickey said...

Heh, indeed. Republicans? Dems? In the end, it all matters very little when our alien overlords come a knockin'.

Although, this has to give you a bit of pause about labeling both candidates equally terrible when one of them openly channels the wisdom of the insane jackass appearing in this youtube clip.

Rickey derides your attempt at political neutrality!

Rickey said...

PS: Given the fact that Sarah Palin recently gave a campaign speech at Roswell, NM, Rickey would say that the McCain camp is all to familiar with this youtube clip.

TheJackSack said...

Hahaha, yes McCain's campaign has been far worse than Obama's, hence the polling which is solidifying behind Obama heavily.

But for my personal taste, I think both candidates are deeply flawed. McCain has run a reactionary campaign, Obama has run a pandering, overly simplistic one. And never has so little been said in so many words over the course of the past 19 months. Truly, this is the nadir of national politics.

Sally Jo said...

Okay, I looked up 'nadir'. This did not help:

The point on any given observer's celestial sphere diametrically opposite of one's zenith.

TheJackSack said...

Hahaha, "nadir" meaning the lowest point. If the zenith is the peak or pinnacle of something, the nadir is the opposite of that point.

Some people may think I'm being too neutral with these candidates, but I honestly believe they have both not done well at all in making their case for becoming President. I believe external circumstances are far more influential than any speech or policy position taken by either candidate. In my mind, that's not leadership being displayed, that's simply "reactionary" or "pandering" politics.

Okay, I'm done (for now)!

Sally Jo said...

My pandering manifested as voting for the lesser of two evils. Kinda like that website called Get Drunk and Vote 4 McCain.


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